The nature of the integrative model of psychotherapy that I practise allows me to employ various theoretical techniques and disciplines.


I offer a personal approach that is as unique as the individual themselves and a flexibility in working together that can evolve within the client & counsellor relationship.
Our shared work might therefore be rooted in how the past has shaped and influenced the present, around growing up or potentially regarding specific life-changing events or incidents. 

Alternatively a focus on relational behaviours and attachments might be of particular resonance.  

For some, the spiritualistic aspect of the world around us might be what holds a rewarding period of reflection. In working together my commitment is to provide the conditions and understanding for the most appropriate and beneficial therapy process to emerge.

I offer my client, a safe and supportive space. With empathy and understanding I strive, where appropriate, to use congruent challenge to help support personal growth and affirmations. 

I have welcoming rooms to meet at in easily accessible areas of London W1, Earls Court and Chiswick.  

I also offer remote video sessions. 
I am registered with The British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists and adhere and abide by their code of ethics.